Dear BayState Archery friends and family,

Coach Anthony Belletini, our friend, mentor and archery brother, after a long illness –one that he fought, standing on two feet, for as long as he was able, lost his battle on Sunday, February 3, 2019.

We have started a gofundme campaign for arranging services for Anthony. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.
GoFundMe for Anthony's Service

Anthony’s life was his archery community of friends, his students, and his shop, BayState Archery. He trained many champions, knew everybody in the sport, everything there was to know about shooting recurves, and the craft of arrow-making. His store a haven for people that were excited about learning and practicing archery. He was super proud of the JOAD and adult archery team, his Elite Archers, and loved all his students, posting the name of his Coach’s Choice every year at the annual Christmas Party he held for friends and customers alike.

In 2018, Anthony purchased a star from the International Star Registry. For those amateur astronomer’s among us, the star, located in the Pegasus System can be found at RA:21h44m57.24s DEC: +9*56’54.8”. The name of the star is of course, Elite Archers.

Anthony was admitted to the ICU at Norwood Hospital about a week ago. Because of his severe condition, he was put in a medically-induced coma so that doctors could introduce a breathing tube. On Sunday, the hospital called Shawn Bowlby, Anthony’s longtime friend, to say that his system was failing. He died within 30 minutes of Shawn’s arrival. He never regained consciousness.

For now, regular store hours and classes continue, Wednesday-Sunday. Please stop by the store immediately to take home any equipment being stored or orders that you have not yet picked up.

Information about funeral arrangements will be forthcoming. If you have a great story or a memory about Anthony or your experience at BayState Archery or the old Archery USA store, head over to the BayState Archery Facebook page and share this in his remembrance.

Always an Honor,
The Staff at BayState Archery


BayState Archery – New England’s Newest Premier Archery Pro Shop and Training Center and its predecessor, ArcheryUSA, has been seen on UPN’s Channel 38 Morning Show, Channel 5’s Chronicle, FOX -TV, The Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, NECN “styleboston”, and of course – YouTube.

Unlike all other archery stores that mostly cater to bowhunting, BayState Archery specializes in promoting target archery as an Olympic sport. Our training center is among the best in the United States.

BayState Archery is open to the public. No membership is required. We offer instruction to children through our Jr. Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program as well as training for adults, especially women in the sport, and we strongly encourage family participation.

Many of our students have been selected for U. S. and World Teams, are, or have been, on the United States Archery Team (USAT), U.S. Junior Dream Team, or have started archery clubs at such colleges and universities as Wellesley College, Brandeis, Bates College, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.