Dear BayState Archery friends and family,

Coach Anthony Belletini, our friend, mentor and archery brother, after a long illness –one that he fought, standing on two feet, for as long as he was able, lost his battle on Sunday, February 3, 2019.

We have started a gofundme campaign to ensure that Anthony's legacy lives on. We unfortunately have had to close the doors of the BayState Archery center as its asssets must go to the state, so we must start fresh. We are seeking to establish a new range, owned by the current staff members, which will continue to deliver the classes, open shooting, and pro shop services we all rely on. Any contribution you can make to the effort to open the new range are deeply appreciated.
GoFundMe for Opening a New Range

Remembering Anthony

Anthony J. Bellettini (Dedham) Born in Brooklyn, New York, September 23, 1955, beloved of son of Olinto and Leigh Bellettini (passed), brother of John Bellettini (passed). Anthony’s grandfather was born on a boat while crossing the ocean from Italy. Anthony’s interest in archery began at age eight, after watching the movie ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ with Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland, “I was bitten, “ he said, “Too bad there wasn’t an archery center anywhere in Brooklyn.” Anthony began shooting arrows at age 29, as a way to relax. He started with a couple of private lessons at a local archery range. In 1993 Anthony became one of the few Certified Level 4 Coaches in the US.

In 1998, Anthony opened his first store and archery range, ArcheryUSA in Dedham. He became a USA Archery Certified Level 4 Coach. His range was host to archery leagues, birthday parties, and weekly JOAD archery classes. Anthony had a great sense of humor and fun, he started the Boxer Shoots where the dress code required all archers to wear boxer shorts, he loved movies and movie trivia. He was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and participated in medieval re-enactments. Every Christmas, he threw a potluck Winter Ball party for students and customers; with a huge miniature Christmas village that took center stage at the store.

Anthony’s life was the archery community, his students, and his shop, BayState Archery. He knew everybody in the sport, and everything there was to know about shooting Recurve bows, the art and the lore of making and shooting arrows. He was a master arrow maker; his arrows improved your scores. His own shooting passion was traditional archery. Anthony became ordained by the Universal Life Church Monastery, and took on the habit of a Brother.

Anthony passed away on February 3, 2019 after a long and debilitating illness brought him to the Norwood Hospital ICU. He is survived his nieces Jaime Bellettini-Hoffman, Jillian Bellettini, nephews Jonathan Bellettini and Jason Bellettini, his sister-in-law Lynn Bellettini-Ziomber, and great-neices to Alexis Bellettini and Savannah Hoffman, and great-nephew, Alexander Bellettini. His memory lives on with all his extended Archery Family.

Memorial Service will be held at Folsom Funeral Home, 87 Milton Street, Dedham, 9-10am, February 22, 2019 with burial at Brookdale Cemetery. Flowers for the service can be arranged through Courtyard Florist in Dedham Center.

Always an Honor,
The Staff at BayState Archery


BayState Archery – New England’s Newest Premier Archery Pro Shop and Training Center and its predecessor, ArcheryUSA, has been seen on UPN’s Channel 38 Morning Show, Channel 5’s Chronicle, FOX -TV, The Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, NECN “styleboston”, and of course – YouTube.

Unlike all other archery stores that mostly cater to bowhunting, BayState Archery specializes in promoting target archery as an Olympic sport. Our training center is among the best in the United States.

BayState Archery is open to the public. No membership is required. We offer instruction to children through our Jr. Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program as well as training for adults, especially women in the sport, and we strongly encourage family participation.

Many of our students have been selected for U. S. and World Teams, are, or have been, on the United States Archery Team (USAT), U.S. Junior Dream Team, or have started archery clubs at such colleges and universities as Wellesley College, Brandeis, Bates College, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.